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Superior Electrical Services in Florida

Quality electrical systems and installation are key to a safe, well-connected home. From keeping the lights on with quality wiring and generators for power outages to protecting your home from fire and burglary with alarms and security cameras to keeping you connected in a digital age, here at Voltage Solutions LLC we offer only the best in residential electrical services.

Residential Electrical Services

Need somebody to help you keep the lights on? These days, even an hour without electricity is torture! Keep your home bright and happy with our electrical installations. From porch lighting to whole-home generators, we’ve got you covered.

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Fire/Burglar Installation Services

Both fire and burglary can have a devastating impact on your household. However, with our simple, easy-to-use fire and burglar alarms, you can mitigate the tragedy or stave it off completely. Get an alarm you can count on and have it installed by a team you can trust.

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CCTV Installation

A closed-circuit surveillance system is a proven way to deter thieves and burglars from your home. The absolute last thing they want is to be caught on camera doing their dastardly deeds! Far from just slapping it in and calling it good, our installation technicians thoughtfully plan out where to install each camera for the maximum benefit.

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Data and Networking Wiring Services

Staying connected is more important than ever these days. You’re counting on solid data and networking services in your home for everything from your job to maintaining social relationships. We offer both quality products and perform quality installations that you can count on.

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